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Dry wit creative with a long and playful history of working in film and advertising industry. As a creative, director, or both, working for just about all the big brands in the Netherlands and beyond. Skilled in concept, filmcontent and direction. Founder and co-owner of Public, a brand new agency with a crush on creative and formatted content. public-agency.com


Royal Dutch Navy in 3D
A short film on the Dutch Royal Navy intercepting contrabands in the Caribian. Shot in 3D and currently shown at the Dutch Maritime Museum 3D theater. On this site the trailer in 2D. coming soon….


Agency: WirtzFilm commisioned by the Marinemuseum in Den Helder. Produced by Jan Willem Wirtz, DOP: Rolf Dekens NSC, Edit: Kees Riphagen, Edit Trailer: Mark van der Poel, Regie: Joost Meijer.
KPN Timeless Love Connection 
Running up to the Pride Amsterdam we made a documentary, a commercial and a whole lot of socials in which solidarity is central. Starring: Barrie Stevens (75) and Jeangu Macrooy (25).


Agency N=Content, N=5 commisioned by KPN. Hoofdredactie: Anne Stokvis, Producer: Anna Bosscher, Content Director: Monique Bergers, Editor: Mark Robinson, DOP Josje van Erkel NSC, Sound by Benno Van der Velde, Editing by Mark van der Poel, Directed by: Joost Meijer.
We are the Royal Airforce
Directing short form documentary series, 5 episodes.


Agency: Broekhuizen Wirtz commisioned by Ministery of Defence. Producent: Jan Willem Wirtz, Uitvoerend producent: Irene de Mol: DOP: Onno t Hooft en Robijn Voshol, Editing by Mark van der Poel, Directed by: Joost Meijer.
Lt-Kol Niki
Kapitein Roël
Sergeant Sabrina

Staatsloterij Droomexperiment
With this scientifically based experiment people find out if the dream they think they have -what would you do in case of winning the Jackpot-  is truly their dream. In cooperation with Kumpany, CD Mark Beuving. Produced by Better Matter.

20” teaser
3 minute film

Hertog Jan Smaakexpeditie
A six episode content series on the new Hertog Jan barrel aged beers. In cooperation with The valley, CD Krijn Smits and ‘de Persgroep – Mychannels’. Development and direction. Produced by Cees Claus. 

Episode 1

A series of 8 small ‘how to mix’ commercials and 6 episode content series on ‘pure passion’, cooking and Liqor43. In cooperation with ‘de Persgroep – Mychannels’. Produced by Cees Claus

Episode 1
How to mix

Bierderij Waterland
A local beer brewer with his own majestic bar deserved commercial content. Development and direction. Produced by Public Agency.

In production


Creative and formatted content in development for various brands and broadcasters.

Portrait of entrepreneur, designer and writer Joost Overbeek. Laughing, living and working at the “Alleburen” office.
Chef Justin cooks heavenly with his camping guests.
On the road with Rik and Karin along majestic house renovations.
Whole families talk about past, present and the future while cooking.
Blind dates during a testdrive.
What Chef Justin and his brigade cook for themselves before the guests come.
Hysterical brides and sugar-sweet weddings through the eyes of the photographer.
Star chef tries new dishes on his mother.
Foodies about the life from foodtruck to festival.
A glimpse into the traveling life of crews, photographers and roadies.




H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 114
1096 AR Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Joost Meijer+31 6 53145734
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